The Best Five Fun Moments of Peep Show

Peep Show boasts of entertaining masses with its amazing comic ideas, hilarious dialogues and fun-packed moments. Here we will discuss some of the funniest Peep Show moments that would captivate your memories. Below are some of the best picks that denominates the secrets behind the show::

  1. Series 1:: Pilot Episode

Jeremy:: He is normally back by… now. Oh… there he is… is not dead after all.

The above expression was filmed for the pilot which never got broadcast. This sort of horrendous event explains the zest of originality behind the creation of such an astonishing comic classic. The show ruled over the general intellect and behavior of the viewers.

  1. Episode 1 of Series 2:: Dance Class

Mark:: If there is not a place… for people… you believe in… well then what… all is this?

The comic classics like Peep Show, though, do not involve extensive research, yet such shows definitely drive many new searches and learnings. During the period when Peep Show was live, routinely, the show fans start flaunting many new joke and fun ideas by imitating or correlating themselves with the characters, dialogues, incidents and fun depicted in the show. These whole atmosphere becomes alive when people keep on sharing new views, funny comments and lots more beyond imagination.


  1. Episode 2 of Series 3:: Sectioning

Jeremy:: I am… with Free… the Paedos… can’t we call it something… and…

Super Hans – Yeah?… Or… compromise… and…

This is an amazing piece of creativity that innovates the art forms. The dialogue is worth hearing repeatedly. As the crazy characters like Super Hans do not need their own voice-over because they speak everything that they think. This dialogue indeed was a fun collaboration between the writer and the producer.

  1. Episode 5 of Series 4:: Holiday

Mark:: Jeremy… are many things… hole in the wintry… my bare hands… of a dog… you killed… is not one…

These lines narrate the incident when Jeremy goes to hide a dog that he had killed accidentally. Then, Jesse suggested that he ate it. The idea seems most ridiculous ending up on screen. The script is an enriched version of sarcasm blended with intense creativity.


  1. Episode 1 of Series 5:: Burgling

Big Suze:: Mark… allowed to sit… on random children..

Mark:: He had… I want… honor…

Jeremy:: At least… on him… like a…

The beauty of the expression Peep Show embraces in its dialogues seems to have been derived from amazing real-life experiences and incidents. Such ideas belong to a community that observes, experiments and innovates.

The quantum of creativity and presentation reflected in the Peep Show’s script showcases amazing dedication and outstanding team work on behalf of the writers, David Mitchell and Robert Webb. However, the script received deserving treatment by the star cast and other teammates. We hope that such amazing stuffs would be coming over to us leading our imagination and thoughts to achieve the next level of intellect.


Hey there! Peep Sow is rightly referred to as a sitcom for the comedy it has provided for a huge span of 12 years; from 2003 to 2015. It premiered at Channel 4 and by far is the longest comedy sitcom in the history of Channel 4. Though to its level of comedy, it never managed to attain highest rating but definitely was considered among cult programs.