Hey there! Peep Sow is rightly referred to as a sitcom for the comedy it has provided for a huge span of 12 years; from 2003 to 2015. It premiered at Channel 4 and by far is the longest comedy sitcom in the history of Channel 4. Though to its level of comedy, it never managed to attain highest rating but definitely was considered among cult programs. Apart from ratings, the show also received some critical reviews and observations though that is a common part for comedy sitcoms. As a matter of fact, it still is acclaimed a true serial with quality comedy to turn you on. It depicts the inner thoughts of guys apart from romanticism and what is going on with them so it can cause a lot pain in stomach when going on. Not a family show to the most but still somehow managed to cope its running time with average to good ratings for most of the episodes and serials.


The duo of David Mitchell and Robert Webb are the starred cast of this sitcom and they had provided the viewers with the comedy act that is nowhere else to be found. I have been a big fan of the serial even if gets boring at some point but the point is that; it might happen that the story turns boring but the comedy never failed itself in the whole sitcom. Though it might have been played earlier but the situation proved it to be just accurate for the moment. The interesting thing about comics is that whenever we come across the stuff again, we enjoy it again. So is the purpose of this site. To make you laugh again by the adultness and stupidity of the lead cast. Sometimes it happens that we want to watch a serial that looks real and is far away from routine drama and this is exactly what the Peep Show did; it had less drama and more closeness to real one that made it too interesting to watch.

As for this site, you are going to find almost anything about the sitcom. How did it started and how did it ended, what happened in the middle, what are its some of the amazing moments, what is the lead cast up to now, what is the upcoming serial of the duo, all the funny moments and the ones that have been hugely trolled on social media, list of episodes and the seasons, highlights about each episode, reviews about episodes and the seasons on the whole, also the review of the final of the sitcom, interesting stuff that happened on the sets, some behind the scenes, what other fans are saying about the sitcom, and there really is so much more that can be written about the Peep Show that you are going to find here. You guys are only requested to check on this site from time to time to see the latest stuff and also any improvements that you want to make.