Peep Show: Five Best Episodes

The desperately pathetic lives of Jeremy and Mark have been entertaining British and other viewers elsewhere since 2003. Portraying various shades and colours, they struggle their way through a series of events including awful sex, breakups and a terrier. They become unemployed while loving the same woman, who has moved to New York. A British sitcom show starring Robert Webb and David Mitchell and written by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong was broadcast on Channel 4 between 2003 and 2015. Until 2010 it was the longest-running comedy in Channel 4 history. One of Britain’s most wonderful comedies, Peep Show broke all records in the history of Channel 4.

Peep Show portrays astonishing lives of two dysfunctional friends, Mark Corrigan and Jeremy ‘Jez’, who live together in an apartment in Croydon, London. Mark is a loan manager having skeptical views on life, while Jeremy is an unemployed struggling musician.

Let us reveal some of the greatest episodes of Peep Show.

It would not be fair to classify the best of this greatest show, hence, we apolgise in advance to distinguish the classic pieces of art.


  1. On the Pull (Episode 3 of Series 1)

The comic incidents of sexual disappointment and dreadful occasions mark this early episode of Peep Show, besides Jeremy and Mark brawling over Mark’s then-office crush Sophie played by Olivia Colman. The episode embraces a vintage effect when they both go on a low-rent double date.

  1. Dance Class (Episode 1 of Series 2)

Mark and Jez join a modern dance group ‘Rainbow Rhythms’, which has now become notorious. Comic incidents featuring Mark flailing is a perfect example of his pretended connect with fun. Series 2, then took off with horrendous appeal.

  1. Jeremy Makes It (Episode 2 of Series 2)

The times come when Mark and Jeremy become a living example of parting friends, however, the incidents suggest them to be safer together than going away with other men. Other events feature Jeremy being abused by somebody whom he used to bully at school and Mark struggling to deal with neo-Nazi office stud Daryl.

  1. Sectioning (Episode 2 of Series 3)

Generally, this episode is acclaimed as the best, a real insane piece of satire. The pub gifted to Jeremy and Super Hans by Jeremy’s former university companion Merry followed by Mark intervening into the incident. Events lead their way to a psychiatric ward and thus it creates a magical fun-packed episode.


  1. Holiday (Episode 5 of Series 4)

Building up a true moment of Grand Guignol, when Mark and Jeremy go away on a canal boat during a weekend. A mind-blowing series of comic events feature Jeremy eating ‘turkey drumsticks’ and then covering up accidental slaughter, incineration and Aurora’s dead dog story.

Despite getting critical acclaim, Peep Show could never achieve a consistent viewing following insufficient ratings of just over a million viewers at one time. During 2006, it was being rumoured that the show would not be commissioned for a fourth series, but, a huge DVD revenue collection from earlier series inspired the fourth series to be commissioned.


Hey there! Peep Sow is rightly referred to as a sitcom for the comedy it has provided for a huge span of 12 years; from 2003 to 2015. It premiered at Channel 4 and by far is the longest comedy sitcom in the history of Channel 4. Though to its level of comedy, it never managed to attain highest rating but definitely was considered among cult programs.