Mark’s most awkward moment from Peep Show

What happens when a socially incompetent nerd meets a delusional rock-star wannabe? The result is Peep Show- one of the greatest Brit sitcoms that boast of a cult following around the globe.  For over 12 years, the El Dude duo had been entertaining the audiences with their decadent and hilarious adventures. From dancing like a maniac, to nibbling on a dead dog’s legs, to getting mugged at an underpass- the weirdest moments are what have given the Peep Show its iconic status.

And although the iconic show has come to a close owing to the lead characters overgrowing the ages they play on-screen, it continues to entertain the followers as they re-watch the episodes over and over again. If you have been uninitiated or have missed out on some of the episodes, then don’t fret as we won’t let you miss out on Mark’s most awkward moments from the sitcom.

Let’s take a stock of the uncomfortable moments that have lent the show its stomach-churning humor!


  • Dance adventures at ‘rainbow rhythm’ class

His love for his crush Sophie has led Mark to many comical adventures, but nothing quite compares to when he ends up at a hippy dance class in an attempt to impress his love interest. The situation gets funnier when he breaks out in a manic dance that failed to be everything but seductive.

  • Gloating call to Sophie

On meeting a lovely Dartmouth University student at a shop, Mark instantly falls in lust with her. He attempts to get into the sack with her by pretending to be a student himself. His gloating call to Sophie about sleeping with the young students turns out to be a bummer as nothing of that sort happens.

  • Getting mugged at an underpass

Mark’s moments are awkward, but could it get any more embarrassing than getting mugged at an underpass? When confronted by the man, he offers to give him his ‘valuable’ London travel card!

  • The poop story

This one has to be one of the most awkward moments from the Peep Show and it involves poop! When Jez’s plan to throw a magic mushroom party in Mark’s absence goes awry, he decides to poison Mark and lock him away. After being rescued by Johnson, Mark explodes, and quite literally so.


  • The runaway lover

When a hook-up between Sophie and Mark leads to her getting pregnant, Mark is found to be awkwardly irresponsible when he takes off to indulge in fried chicken while Sophie is giving birth to the baby.

  • The stag-do that went awry

When Jeremy runs over a dog that belongs to a girl he is dating, he ends up trying to burn the evidence which in turn leads to a complete mayhem at Mark’s stag-do. The most awkward moment comes when Jeremy tries to pass off the remains as turkey by nibbling on the leg!

With that recap, we are sure you are craving to get your hands on the remote and replay those episodes again. Peep Show may have seen its curtains put down, but that won’t stop us from remembering and rejoicing the moments for some laughs and gasps.


Hey there! Peep Sow is rightly referred to as a sitcom for the comedy it has provided for a huge span of 12 years; from 2003 to 2015. It premiered at Channel 4 and by far is the longest comedy sitcom in the history of Channel 4. Though to its level of comedy, it never managed to attain highest rating but definitely was considered among cult programs.