Super Hans Funniest Moments in Peepshow

Super Hans is the maddest character in the British situation comedy (Sitcom) Peep Show. The Matt King played the significant role of Super Hans in the series. He is among the most popular characters of entire series. He is Jeremy’s friend and band-mate too. The character ‘Danny’ from ‘Withnail and I’ inspired his character. His character was interesting and appealing.

Maddest and funniest moments of Super Hans:

We are going to remind you some of the funniest moments of Super Hans when he surprised us by giving the ridiculous shock. Just look:


  1. Crazy smile: He amazed us by cracking weird, but ridiculous smiles. He can smoke anything. Sometimes he tries to skin up with his feet as well. In series two, he gets addicted to cocaine. His dialogue to mention Jez, “Tell you what, that crack is really moreish”, make you laugh repeatedly.
  2. Twins glances: Life of Super Hans was full of surprises. In the series six’s final episode, he gets to know that he is a father of twins. His remarkable statement at that time is unforgettable. His dialogue was “I am always going on about me twins, are not I? What is their age? I mean, how old are they?
  3. The bar crowd: In series three, Super Hans and his friend Jez decided to open a bar. In this scenario, Super Crazy Hans desired to call it as a “free the paedos”, while Jez opposed to his decision. Later, Super Hans compromised with his desire and went with “The Swan & Paedo” option.
  4. Hoot-hiss: The crazy Super Hans take a snake to a house party in the series six. Mark gets angry and throws that snake on him. Hans tells to Mark, “You have to pay for that snake to be dry-cleaned.” His expressions were damn good.
  5. What is in a name? : Crazy Super Hans can do anything. Super Hans used to give random and haphazard nicknames to Mark. Therefore, he does not approve wild Super Hans. Some of the famous nicknames given by him are the iron duke, captain haddock, professor yaffle, ocean color pants and so on. Nicknames are as funny as his characters.
  6. Super-duper van: In the sixth series, Jez makes a decision to get an appropriate job, but mad Hans has something better than this. He suggests to Jez to get a van. He tells him the benefits of a van. He describes the importance of a van by comparing it with MBA degree. He says you are not just a man anymore; you are a man with a van. Entire scene creates many reasons to laugh here.


    8. Run on: While Super Hans gets off the crack, he swaps it with a habit of running. Jez gets a call, “You have to             come and find me. I have run to Windsor by mistake. I did not want to. My feet have gone, I feel like a jelly.                   Feels like a paralyzed person.

This dark comedy will surely make you smile throughout the series. The mad Super Hans is like a backbone of the entire series. If you love some madness in comedy, you will surely love Super Hans.


Hey there! Peep Sow is rightly referred to as a sitcom for the comedy it has provided for a huge span of 12 years; from 2003 to 2015. It premiered at Channel 4 and by far is the longest comedy sitcom in the history of Channel 4. Though to its level of comedy, it never managed to attain highest rating but definitely was considered among cult programs.