The Best Five Fun Moments of Peep Show

Peep Show boasts of entertaining masses with its amazing comic ideas, hilarious dialogues and fun-packed moments. Here we will discuss some of the funniest Peep Show moments that would captivate your memories. Below are some of the best picks that denominates the secrets behind the show::

  1. Series 1:: Pilot Episode

Jeremy:: He is normally back by… now. Oh… there he is… is not dead after all.

The above expression was filmed for the pilot which never got broadcast. This sort of horrendous event explains the zest of originality behind the creation of such an astonishing comic classic. The show ruled over the general intellect and behavior of the viewers.

  1. Episode 1 of Series 2:: Dance Class

Mark:: If there is not a place… for people… you believe in… well then what… all is this?

The comic classics like Peep Show, though, do not involve extensive research, yet such shows definitely drive many new searches and learnings. During the period when Peep Show was live, routinely, the show fans start flaunting many new joke and fun ideas by imitating or correlating themselves with the characters, dialogues, incidents and fun depicted in the show. These whole atmosphere becomes alive when people keep on sharing new views, funny comments and lots more beyond imagination.


  1. Episode 2 of Series 3:: Sectioning

Jeremy:: I am… with Free… the Paedos… can’t we call it something… and…

Super Hans – Yeah?… Or… compromise… and…

This is an amazing piece of creativity that innovates the art forms. The dialogue is worth hearing repeatedly. As the crazy characters like Super Hans do not need their own voice-over because they speak everything that they think. This dialogue indeed was a fun collaboration between the writer and the producer.

  1. Episode 5 of Series 4:: Holiday

Mark:: Jeremy… are many things… hole in the wintry… my bare hands… of a dog… you killed… is not one…

These lines narrate the incident when Jeremy goes to hide a dog that he had killed accidentally. Then, Jesse suggested that he ate it. The idea seems most ridiculous ending up on screen. The script is an enriched version of sarcasm blended with intense creativity.


  1. Episode 1 of Series 5:: Burgling

Big Suze:: Mark… allowed to sit… on random children..

Mark:: He had… I want… honor…

Jeremy:: At least… on him… like a…

The beauty of the expression Peep Show embraces in its dialogues seems to have been derived from amazing real-life experiences and incidents. Such ideas belong to a community that observes, experiments and innovates.

The quantum of creativity and presentation reflected in the Peep Show’s script showcases amazing dedication and outstanding team work on behalf of the writers, David Mitchell and Robert Webb. However, the script received deserving treatment by the star cast and other teammates. We hope that such amazing stuffs would be coming over to us leading our imagination and thoughts to achieve the next level of intellect.

Mark’s most awkward moment from Peep Show

What happens when a socially incompetent nerd meets a delusional rock-star wannabe? The result is Peep Show- one of the greatest Brit sitcoms that boast of a cult following around the globe.  For over 12 years, the El Dude duo had been entertaining the audiences with their decadent and hilarious adventures. From dancing like a maniac, to nibbling on a dead dog’s legs, to getting mugged at an underpass- the weirdest moments are what have given the Peep Show its iconic status.

And although the iconic show has come to a close owing to the lead characters overgrowing the ages they play on-screen, it continues to entertain the followers as they re-watch the episodes over and over again. If you have been uninitiated or have missed out on some of the episodes, then don’t fret as we won’t let you miss out on Mark’s most awkward moments from the sitcom.

Let’s take a stock of the uncomfortable moments that have lent the show its stomach-churning humor!


  • Dance adventures at ‘rainbow rhythm’ class

His love for his crush Sophie has led Mark to many comical adventures, but nothing quite compares to when he ends up at a hippy dance class in an attempt to impress his love interest. The situation gets funnier when he breaks out in a manic dance that failed to be everything but seductive.

  • Gloating call to Sophie

On meeting a lovely Dartmouth University student at a shop, Mark instantly falls in lust with her. He attempts to get into the sack with her by pretending to be a student himself. His gloating call to Sophie about sleeping with the young students turns out to be a bummer as nothing of that sort happens.

  • Getting mugged at an underpass

Mark’s moments are awkward, but could it get any more embarrassing than getting mugged at an underpass? When confronted by the man, he offers to give him his ‘valuable’ London travel card!

  • The poop story

This one has to be one of the most awkward moments from the Peep Show and it involves poop! When Jez’s plan to throw a magic mushroom party in Mark’s absence goes awry, he decides to poison Mark and lock him away. After being rescued by Johnson, Mark explodes, and quite literally so.


  • The runaway lover

When a hook-up between Sophie and Mark leads to her getting pregnant, Mark is found to be awkwardly irresponsible when he takes off to indulge in fried chicken while Sophie is giving birth to the baby.

  • The stag-do that went awry

When Jeremy runs over a dog that belongs to a girl he is dating, he ends up trying to burn the evidence which in turn leads to a complete mayhem at Mark’s stag-do. The most awkward moment comes when Jeremy tries to pass off the remains as turkey by nibbling on the leg!

With that recap, we are sure you are craving to get your hands on the remote and replay those episodes again. Peep Show may have seen its curtains put down, but that won’t stop us from remembering and rejoicing the moments for some laughs and gasps.

Peep Show: Five Greatest Episodes, You Must Watch

Peep show is the famous British sitcom or situation comedy program. It was starring Robert Webb and David Mitchell. In the year of 2010, it became the highest ranked and longest-running comedy show in channel 4 entire history. Well! The program never achieved the positive reviews even after being number one sitcom. The show was critically acclaim and became favorite of the cult. The last episode of this sitcom aired on December 16, 2015.

Five must watch episodes of Peepshow:

Peep show is one of the most amazing sitcoms ever. Here we are going to list those five interesting episodes those are must watch. The list begins with the series one.


  1. Episode: Three (Series-1), On the Pull: – Mostly episodes of Peep Show have a good plot of comedy. On many occasions, we have seen the good sense of humor as well. “On the pull” was the initial episode where the two leading characters Mark and Jeremy visit a small-rent dual meeting to the neighborhood bowling-alley and knock into Mark’s official one-sided love Sophie (Olivia Colman), utilizes both to classic effect.
  2. Episode: One (Series-2), Dance Class: – The actual kick-start of the entire series was this starting episode. In this episode, the leading characters join a dance group. They join “Rainbow Rhythms” which is a modern dance group. Mark’s feel like waving as he imagines letting go to the music and melodies are the just right picture of his enforced association with enjoyment. There is nothing to miss this amazing episode of Peep Show.
  3. Episode: Two (Series-2), Jeremy Makes It: – This episode proves that Jeremy and Mark are made for each other, as they feel safer together. They tried to create a relationship with new men but they failed in to convert their attachment into successful relationships. The same person whom he used to harass at schools abused Jeremy. On the other side, Mark plans to destroy the office of friend Daryl.
  4. Episode: Five (Series-4), Holiday: – This episode is among the fabulous episodes of Peep Show. The whole episode keeps revolving around the stag weekend of Mark. Apart from Mark’s weekend, in this episode Jeremy tries to cover up his accidental slays and following burning of his vessel link up Aurora’s lifeless dog due to intake of a “turkey drumstick”.
  5. Episode: Five (Season-7), Seasonal Beatings: – This season is an example of its success. The show started 7 years back. This season was like a cracker. In this episode, Mark found himself competing with a crazy mother, disapproving father and horrible frustated “friend” in fact, “girlfriend” Dobby. Watching this episode is the real fun.


Peep Show is such an amazing series to watch. If you enjoy comedy with humor then one should watch the entire series of Peep show. They all are available online. Peep show has won various awards. It has won “Rose d’Or” for the “best European sitcom” in the year of 2004. While, from 2007-2010, it has won the awards for “best returning TV sitcom” and “comedy of the year”. Whatever the reviews are, entire sitcom will make you think twice about the things around you through dark comedy.

Super Hans Funniest Moments in Peepshow

Super Hans is the maddest character in the British situation comedy (Sitcom) Peep Show. The Matt King played the significant role of Super Hans in the series. He is among the most popular characters of entire series. He is Jeremy’s friend and band-mate too. The character ‘Danny’ from ‘Withnail and I’ inspired his character. His character was interesting and appealing.

Maddest and funniest moments of Super Hans:

We are going to remind you some of the funniest moments of Super Hans when he surprised us by giving the ridiculous shock. Just look:

  1. Crazy smile: He amazed us by cracking weird, but ridiculous smiles. He can smoke anything. Sometimes he tries to skin up with his feet as well. In series two, he gets addicted to cocaine. His dialogue to mention Jez, “Tell you what, that crack is really moreish”, make you laugh repeatedly.
  2. Twins glances: Life of Super Hans was full of surprises. In the series six’s final episode, he gets to know that he is a father of twins. His remarkable statement at that time is unforgettable. His dialogue was “I am always going on about me twins, are not I? What is their age? I mean, how old are they?
  3. The bar crowd: In series three, Super Hans and his friend Jez decided to open a bar. In this scenario, Super Crazy Hans desired to call it as a “free the paedos”, while Jez opposed to his decision. Later, Super Hans compromised with his desire and went with “The Swan & Paedo” option.
  4. Hoot-hiss: The crazy Super Hans take a snake to a house party in the series six. Mark gets angry and throws that snake on him. Hans tells to Mark, “You have to pay for that snake to be dry-cleaned.” His expressions were damn good.
  5. What is in a name? : Crazy Super Hans can do anything. Super Hans used to give random and haphazard nicknames to Mark. Therefore, he does not approve wild Super Hans. Some of the famous nicknames given by him are the iron duke, captain haddock, professor yaffle, ocean color pants and so on. Nicknames are as funny as his characters.
  6. Super-duper van: In the sixth series, Jez makes a decision to get an appropriate job, but mad Hans has something better than this. He suggests to Jez to get a van. He tells him the benefits of a van. He describes the importance of a van by comparing it with MBA degree. He says you are not just a man anymore; you are a man with a van. Entire scene creates many reasons to laugh here.
  7. Run on: While Super Hans gets off the crack, he swaps it with a habit of running. Jez gets a call, “You have to come and find me. I have run to Windsor by mistake. I did not want to. My feet have gone, I feel like a jelly. Feels like a paralyzed person.

This dark comedy will surely make you smile throughout the series. The mad Super Hans is like a backbone of the entire series. If you love some madness in comedy, you will surely love Super Hans.

20 Facts to Know If You Are a ‘Peep Show’ Lover

It has been a while since a dynamic and challenging sitcom like Peep Show aired on Television. It is not easy for the fans to get over Jeremy’s and Mark’s bizarre yet relatable exploits. Although the show had a slow start but once the audiences got hang of its dark humor and POV style of cinematography, the show became a cult in the demesne of cringe comedy. The show’s impeccable journey stretched for over a decade making it the longest running British sitcom on the TV.

If you have been a Peep Show lover then irrefutably you have a good taste in situational comedy. Here are some interesting facts about the show that will make you fall in love with it even more.

  • The POV style of cinematography had been around in the Film and documentary tract for a long time but it was the first time that it made an impressive entrance in the sitcom. The makers of the show got the idea of using POV shots while watching a documentary.
  • The show was titled as ‘Point of View’ for the pilot.
  • The decision to change its name to ‘Peep Show’ was not received amicably by one of its main cast members David Mitchell.
  • In the pilot episode, Sophie’s character had a voiceover and POV but later, the idea was considered as bummed.
  • The creator duo Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain are involved in the writing and the developments several other productions such as Babylon, Fresh Meat, and Four Lions.
  • The lead characters Jeremy and Mark were acquaintances even before the show. They had met at the Cambridge University.
  • The lead actors Mitchell and Webb are close friends in real life. At Mitchell’s wedding, Webb was his best man.
  • Russell Brand had auditioned for the show.
  • The character of Super Hans was written keeping Danny Dyer in mind.
  • Jake Wood had almost bagged the role of Super Hans but eventually Matt King got the final call.
  • Matt King was noticed by the casting director while performing a stand-up act at the Edinburgh festival.
  • The theme song of the show ‘Flagpole Sitta’ is a song by Harvey Danger, the American rock band for their debut album.
  • Writers of the show would also take into consideration the opinions of Mitchell and Webb for their storylines.
  • Sophie Winkleman is a royalty and is known as Lady Frederick Windsor. She is married to Queen Elizabeth’s second cousin.
  • The affirmed misfit character of Dobby, an IT worker was inspired from the Ghost world, a graphic novel.
  • The infamous ejaculation scene including Dobby and Mark was played on dobby’s first day.
  • Many real life experiences have been used in the Peep Show. One such scene is in the episode ‘Burgling’ where Jeremy sits on a teenager to prevent him stealing his stuff.
  • It is the longest running TV show in the history of channel 4, spanning over a period of 12 years.
  • On the last day of the shoot, the whole crew got to take a prop with them as a relic.
  • There have been two attempts to make an American version of the show. Though, both of them being unsuccessful the third one is in the process.

The refreshing approach of the show, the impassable characters, and the unique treatment are just a few of many factors that make the show an interesting and funny watch.

Mistakes to avoid during the remake of ‘Peep Show’

Peep show is a Canadian TV Series. It is a comedy programme which is produced for British Television. The writer of this programme is Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain. The additional material to this is provided by Mitchelle and Webb. It used to be broadcasted on Channel 4, from 2003 till 2015. In the year 2010 it became the longest running comedy show in the history of Channel 4. This show follows the lives of Mitchell and Jez, they are two friends who share a flat in Croydon, London. Mark is socially very akward and is a loan manager where as Jeremy is a person who lack interest in his work and is an un-employed musician who lives in the spare room of Mark. The main Characters of this show are Mark and Jeremy.

Though this series did not achieve great success commercially, it became popular among the youngsters. It had 9 series and 54 episodes. Its final episode was aired on 16th December in the year 2015.

Some of the mistakes to avoid during its remake:

  • Use the POV element– This time it really got to be quite different from the earlier one. They need to set it apart completely. The Galecki version in it completely removed the peep factor completely, which makes it look like other general show about two guys living together. There was no twist in the entire show. While talking about the original peep show, it was undoubtedly outstanding. The new part is expected to be very interesting and hilarious. With the use of normal camera it was not made clear about the thoughts of the character. Things seemed clumsy in it.
  • Try making it different– Viewers will always like unique and different thing when it comes to entertainment. Even though the characters could be same but the concept should be different. If you completely copy some other series concept the writer cannot add his thoughts and ideas to it. Always focus on the newness of the programme. They show know the ways how to grab the attention of the public on the two main characters.
  • Make them likeableTry making the series likeable not desperate. It should be made in such a way that people would admire and love viewing them. This show had managed to walk in the constant path by creation Mark and Jeremy the root of comic attraction. Whatever rubbish they did viewers were always on their side.
  • Avoid making it mean spirited– Despite of quarreling on petty matters, they really liked each other and they could not last long without each other. There is a thin line of difference between dark comedy and mean comedy. They should take a note of this thing when working on the series. The later provides a few reasons to laugh out. It will just make you feel miserable and you would this why you are watching it.

Though the earlier season was not liked much by the viewers, hopefully this season will be better than the previous one. This time viewers have much expectation out of it.

Peep Show: Five Best Episodes

The desperately pathetic lives of Jeremy and Mark have been entertaining British and other viewers elsewhere since 2003. Portraying various shades and colours, they struggle their way through a series of events including awful sex, breakups and a terrier. They become unemployed while loving the same woman, who has moved to New York. A British sitcom show starring Robert Webb and David Mitchell and written by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong was broadcast on Channel 4 between 2003 and 2015. Until 2010 it was the longest-running comedy in Channel 4 history. One of Britain’s most wonderful comedies, Peep Show broke all records in the history of Channel 4.

Peep Show portrays astonishing lives of two dysfunctional friends, Mark Corrigan and Jeremy ‘Jez’, who live together in an apartment in Croydon, London. Mark is a loan manager having skeptical views on life, while Jeremy is an unemployed struggling musician.

Let us reveal some of the greatest episodes of Peep Show.

It would not be fair to classify the best of this greatest show, hence, we apolgise in advance to distinguish the classic pieces of art.

  1. On the Pull (Episode 3 of Series 1)

The comic incidents of sexual disappointment and dreadful occasions mark this early episode of Peep Show, besides Jeremy and Mark brawling over Mark’s then-office crush Sophie played by Olivia Colman. The episode embraces a vintage effect when they both go on a low-rent double date.

  1. Dance Class (Episode 1 of Series 2)

Mark and Jez join a modern dance group ‘Rainbow Rhythms’, which has now become notorious. Comic incidents featuring Mark flailing is a perfect example of his pretended connect with fun. Series 2, then took off with horrendous appeal.

  1. Jeremy Makes It (Episode 2 of Series 2)

The times come when Mark and Jeremy become a living example of parting friends, however, the incidents suggest them to be safer together than going away with other men. Other events feature Jeremy being abused by somebody whom he used to bully at school and Mark struggling to deal with neo-Nazi office stud Daryl.

  1. Sectioning (Episode 2 of Series 3)

Generally, this episode is acclaimed as the best, a real insane piece of satire. The pub gifted to Jeremy and Super Hans by Jeremy’s former university companion Merry followed by Mark intervening into the incident. Events lead their way to a psychiatric ward and thus it creates a magical fun-packed episode.

  1. Holiday (Episode 5 of Series 4)

Building up a true moment of Grand Guignol, when Mark and Jeremy go away on a canal boat during a weekend. A mind-blowing series of comic events feature Jeremy eating ‘turkey drumsticks’ and then covering up accidental slaughter, incineration and Aurora’s dead dog story.

Despite getting critical acclaim, Peep Show could never achieve a consistent viewing following insufficient ratings of just over a million viewers at one time. During 2006, it was being rumoured that the show would not be commissioned for a fourth series, but, a huge DVD revenue collection from earlier series inspired the fourth series to be commissioned.

Review- Peep Show’s ‘Are We Going To Be Alright’ Finale

If you’re a sitcom lover and if you are reading this review, then chances are that you’ve been with the El Dude duo for a long time now. With the starring cast becoming old to play the role of 30 something’s, it is about the right time that we said a sad laters to the pair!

We bid adieu to the sitcom that defined British television with a review of the final episode titled ‘Are we going to be alright’. The finale was a testament to Peep Show’s outstanding humor and depravity, which had the series going strong for more than a decade now.

Are you and I going to be alright with the sitcom’s end?

Yes, you will be alright as the final episode titled ‘Are we going to be alright’ would leave you with a sense of satisfaction as the series comes to a final close. After keeping the audience hooked on the to their television screens for 12 years, makers of the Peep Show have proved yet again why this is probably one of the greatest Brit sitcoms ever to have premiered on the telly screens.

The episode’s premise is fitting as it’s the forever teen, Jeremy’s 40th birthday. The oblivious birthday boy is washing down a healthy sprout sandwich with a pint of piss, while Mark is determined to make Jeremy turn 40. Jeremy’s wild idea to win Mark the affection of his crush, April, plays alongside the madness of this episode. Spurred by Jeremy’s advice on romance, Mark finds himself accompanying Super Hans to stalk his love interest.

It all ends well with humor and misery

Mark is busy chasing April and confessing his love to her, while unknown to him, Jeremy has kidnapped April’s husband Angus with the justification that ‘love has a dark side and ‘someone will always get kidnapped.’ All this folly comes to a climax as Mark gets to shag his love interest in a toilet and even manages to replace Angus for a cruise along the Greek Islands with April. But as is the custom with the Peep Show, everyone is destined to be miserable, and that is how we say goodbye to Jeremy and Mark.

As he is unable to rave for weeks, Jeremy finds himself being dumped by the boyfriend. Super Hans also faces the same destiny as his wife leaves him in the lurch. After all his crazy plans, efforts and toilet shagging, poor Mark yet again loses April to the husband. He is exasperated that even kidnapping Angus doesn’t prove helpful in winning the love of his squeeze.

As the El Dude brothers contemplate the various ways to kill each other, we leave the comic pair just as we were introduced to them in 2003 when the legendary show premiered- lazing in front of the television in a shabby house in Croydon. This scene invariably brings us to the end of one of the best sitcoms ever!